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Is This the Worst Internet Marketing Strategy Ever?


Internet Marketing Strategy


    There is a universal rule in internet marketing that applies to any worthwhile pursuit.
It doesn't happen overnight.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Quality that lasts is the result of consistent efforts to create quality.
Human nature being what it is, frustration foments.
It is that invisible, still ugly, beast who casts doubts on your hard work.
Let's get it straight once and for all:internet marketing is not the holy grail to overnight business success.
It is not a short cut to a pot of gold.
If you believe you can represent a sub-standard product or service,hawk itto a massive audience online, get them to promote your stuff andease on down to retirement, you are delusional.
That approach is the worst internet marketing strategy ever.
If you've been on the receiving end of a campaign focusing on a quick fix rather than quality, you know what I mean.
You hit the 'delete' button on your inbox when you see the sender's name.
If you want to nail the 'triple axel' for your internet marketing strategies, here's what to do: -Be selective.
Pick your partners with care.
Learn about your targets.
You must share business interests and passion.
It is a waste of time to focus your efforts on thosenot as committed to building success as you are.
Qualify your prospects.
This is not a step to skip; you will regret it.
-Be personal.
A number of internet marketing gurus use the acronym: WTGTDWM- What's this got to do with me?That is the question you must answer when building connections with your targeted audience.
 for example.Hello Sam,I understand you are a single parent.
Me too.
How are you handling work and home responsibilities?" -Forget Pareto's Law.
The 80/20 rule that 20% of people produce 80% of the results was established before the explosion of internet.
The Law should probably be adjusted to98% to 2%.
That may sound disappointing; but 2% of a larger pie is a larger number.
No matter how careful your selection process, you can't identify in advance that golden, highly productive 2%.
Until you know who is committed and who isn't, dedicate your support efforts democratically.
Those who deserve the specialty treatment will earn it.
-Don't be too pushy.
The unrelenting, take-no-prisoners approach will backfire.
Despite your eagerness to succeed, let patience and common sense guide you.
You are seeking to connect with individuals whose drive and initiative matches your own.
If someone wants to contact you, they know how to reach you.
You made sure of that.
If the personal entrepreneurial traits are notpresent, nothing you do will ignite a fire at that campsite.
Move on.
Don't let frustration deflate your best internet marketing strategies and turn them into your worst ever.
Too much of a good thing is...
no good.
Quality speaks for itself and you are only about quality.
Your best internet marketing strategy ever is always about quality because it is about you.