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3 Step “Not Gonna Be A Crazy Mom” Plan

Mother going crazy

Summertime, and the livin’ is  . . .

How would you complete that sentence?

The old song says “easy,” right? Certainly not the word I’d pick.

As school came to a close, I was looking forward to a relaxing summer. With plenty of time to read and accomplish things that are just harder to get to in the busier seasons.

But when I sat down to plot out everyone’s activities, the days and weeks filled up faster than I wanted to see. Camps, activities, visits, trips. I began to feel like I was just barely gonna hold things together. Keeping my cool, managing the mayhem, and taking time to enjoy and love all my people felt like a tall order. Like it was gonna make me a crazy mom.

With the reliable routine of the school year out the window, my kids decided they were bored and I felt like everything all of a sudden got really hectic. So I made a plan. An “avoid being a crazy mom” plan. Do you need it too?
How to Avoid Being A Crazy Mom

1) Breathe – That’s right. No breath holding aloud! Breathe deeply, roll those shoulders and remember, it’s not about me. God has a plan, and His plans always lead to good.

2) Pray – Take your concerns right to The One who understands all things, who has all wisdom and is ready to share it. The things you didn’t expect – He knows how to handle them.

3) Read – Lots of things hopefully, but the Bible for sure. That’s where the wisdom is. That’s where I remember who God is. Remember that He’s always been in control. That He still is.
And Repeat! – This is not a one-and-done plan. I will go through this process multiple times a day . . . sometimes multiple times an hour. Though sometimes “read” will be replaced with “rehearse,” repeating the Scriptures and principles I have tucked away in my heart.

And that’s how I will maintain my perspective. Starting to turn crazy mom?

BREATH . . . PRAY . . . READ . . . REPEAT

How will you avoid being a crazy mom?