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6 ways to entertain a dog at home If you can't walk him

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During the quarantine period, it is not at all recommended to go out of the house without a necessary reason, which, of course, means depriving pets, especially dogs, of getting out of the house and walking that is necessary for them, which causes them to be bored and may even be depressed. So how can you compensate your dog during this period and entertain him?
The pet site "thesprucepets" offered several tips for entertaining dogs inside the home during a period of home isolation or social distancing.
Tips for dealing with the dog during the period of home isolation
Practical training
The period of home insulation is an ideal opportunity to train the dog on certain things, such as obeying certain orders and limiting certain actions that cause inconvenience to the people of the house.
Toy tug-of-war: 

This period can also be used to play some fun games for a dog, such as a tug-of-war game, which makes him feel happy and fun, but before doing it, it is preferable to make sure that there are no broken items in the play area so that no losses occur.

dog trainining

Preparation for the game "Hunt"

The game "Hunt", which depends on the sense of smell in the dog, can be implemented. By strategically hiding candy around the house in places the dog can find With the assurance that these places are safe for the dog to access, like putting sweets behind doors, next to furniture, under pillows, or in room corners, candy can also be hidden under boxes, paper cups, or even dog toys. 

 ball-throwing game

 it is a fun toy for a dog that relies on the owner throwing the ball to a remote place for the dog to go and bring it back to his owner. It can be played in rooms that do not contain breakable objects, giving a reward to the dog, such as his favorite candy piece.
Attention to dog hygiene
During the period of home isolation, it is also preferable to take care of the dog's hygiene and hairdressing, which is one of the dog's favourite things and makes him feel happy and interested in him.
Watch dog Movies
The dog can also be left watching films and TV shows dedicated to the dogs he interacts with, watching his peers and interacting with voices as if they were with him in the same room.