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wordle answer today 18 september

 Recently we have been watching on social media a lot of people sharing posts with boxes in green, yellow and white black, these boxes are expressions of their results in a game called Wordle.

wordle 556

What is wordle?

how to play wordle game? 

how  to win wordle?

What are today's answers?

Previous answers.

What is wordle game?

Wordle is a game of words designed by the British engineer Josh Wardell, whose purpose was to make it a way to entertain him and his friends and relatives, but it went far beyond that until it became so famous and people seemed everywhere in the world playing it. She gained her fame very quickly, which made the New York Times buy it.
There are other games like her that have emerged after her fame, such as the Nerdle Numbers Game, the Heardle Music Game, the Global Nations Game, and other games that have drawn her ideas from the wordle game.
How to play wordle game?

  As we mentioned earlier, Wordle is a word game, giving you six opportunities to guess the word, five letters each. Just insert the first word of five letters, and then you will see the boxes where the letters have become colored. Each color indicates something.
The black box means the letter in the black box is not in the wordle answer today .
The yellow box means that the letter in the yellow box is in the today wordle answer but not in the right place.
Green: It means that the green letter is in wordle today's answer and it is also in its place.
When you get the answer, you have a window that gives you the analysis of the game you played and how many times you played it, and also contains the button to share your results on social media. When you post your results, words and letters don't appear. So as not to spoil other players' games, only the boxes appear in color.

How to Win wordle?

There's no plan or anything like that to win the game. Finding the intended word and today's answer in this game is not easy. There are those who spend more than half an hour on the game without getting the answer. The only thing he can help you find is this word, even if it's a very small one. It's the word that you start with, since most words have a vowel. You have to start with a word with as many vowels as possible, so you can find a letter or two on the first attempt, which will make it easier for you to try. Most players use the word "audio" as their starting word because it has four vowels.

wordle today's answer .

We don't want to spoil the fun of playing for some. Another wants to know the answer, maybe because he couldn't win the game and get his word today, so first we'll give hints and then we'll give the answer.

Wordle #456 hints 

today wordle answer start with : S

Does today's word contain a vowel?: yes it contain one vowel

what is today's word end?: It ends with a very familiar ending that combines two letters

The five letters of the answer are in these choices : B I M T S J K C

It's already mentioned one letter, there's only four left.

wordle answer 18 september


That wasn't enough, well, let's move on to the answer directly now.

wordle answer 18 september

today's wordle answer is 
wordle today answer 18 september

Previous  answer

 wordle answer 17 september CUTCH

 wordle It's a very fun and exciting game, and it's very relaxing and it also teaches you new words, so we have to play it to gain a new knowledge.